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Wine Club Policies & FAQ


What are the terms of Wine Club Membership at Jamie Slone Wines?

The Jamie Slone Wines club selections are shipped or ready for pickup, (April and October each year). By joining you agree that you are over 21 years of age and authorize us to charge your Credit Card for Club you choose. We select wines and charge your card up to 10 days before shipment. We require minimum of one-year agreement, it renews automactically each year until cancelled. All cancellations require notice in writing 30 days prior to credit card charge date to avoid taking the current shipment or paying a $75 early cancel fee. Adult signature is required for delivery. You understand that you are responsible for any costs incurred if the wine shipments are returned to us for re-shipment. For Pick up wine club members we will notify you when the wines are ready, contact you with a second reminder if need be.  Note: Tasting room space is very limited so any wine not picked up within 45 days will be shipped to address on file at members cost. Locals club is monthly and renews automatically each month. Credit Cards for Locals Club are charged by 20th each month and wines are shipped if not picked up within 45 days.


How much does it cost to join the Jamie Slone Wine Club?
There is no fee to join any of the Jamie Slone Wine Clubs. Discounts are applied to wines at time of purchase.

Will I get charged a tasting fee even if I sign up for the wine club the same day?
To Activate your membership and enjoy complimentary tastings you need to purchase a minimum of six bottles same day as signup unless any promotion is active at that time.

Can I customize my wine club shipment or replace some of the wines in the club shipment?
YES... if you are a member of a club that provides that benefit.. yes. If you do not log in prior to the Hard Deadline you will receive the default shipment that was allocated to you. Some quantity limitations may apply due to inventory constraints.

Can I add on any wines I want in addition to my club shipment?
Yes.  The maximum number of wines is 12 in a case.

Some clubs I am a member of give me a complimentary glass of wine instead of a tasting flight, does Jamie Slone Wines do that?
No, but we do offer our members all wines by the glass for only $12.

What is the purpose of complimentary tastings for members?
So members can discover new wines they might like to purchase and maybe bring a guest with them to introduce them to JSW wines.

How often can members and guest come in an taste complimentary?
Once a quarter is about the average. Locals Club members receive a complimentary tasting for 2 during the Monthly Mingle on the last Sunday of each month from 3-5 pm. 

What is the minimum commitment for my membership?
Your minimum membership commitment is One Year upon sign up. Locals Club is month to month.

How long does my membership last?
Wine club shipments auto renew with members information on file without proper notice of cancellation.

Is there a cancellation fee associated with cancelling my wine club prior to my commitment being met?
Yes, we charge a $75 early cancellation fee.  If credit card has already been charged for a shipment it is too late to refund the card and only have an early cancellation fee due. Wine is now the members.

If I am a member who has met their minimum requirement for membership and I need to cancel my club what do I do?
We need to receive a request in writing a minimum of 30 days prior to an upcoming shipment credit card charge date to avoid a $75 cancellation fee or member takes current shipment. Locals Club members are month to month and simply require notice Prior to a Credit Card charge on the 20th each month or the wine is theirs if card has been charged already.

If I am a member who has met their minimum requirement for membership and I want to Skip a shipment or put my membership on Hold what do I do?
We treat Skip and Holds the same and provide a One Time Skip/Hold for any members who have met their minimum commitment. We require the request in writing a minimum of 30 days prior to any upcoming shipment credit card charge date to avoid an early notice fee of $75. After a member has had a Skip/Hold occur we automatically resume the membership effective with a shipment or wine the next time we have a scheduled wine club shipment.  During the interim all perks and benefits don't apply.  Locals Club members are month to month and simply require notice Prior to a Credit Card charge on the 20th each month or the wine is theirs if card has been charged already.

What is the cost of the club shipments in each club?
For current pricing on our wine club shipments, please see the Jamie Slone Wine Clubs section of this website. Cost of club shipments may be subject to change. Members will be notified if there are any changes in cost of club shipments.

What types of wines are in each club shipment?
The wines in shipments vary by club level, type of club wine category selected (All Reds, All Whites or Mixed.)

How soon will I know what is included in my club shipments?
We post on the website along with sending an email approx. a minimum of 45 days in advance the wines in the shipment. Some Clubs are entitled to make changes and must do so online by logging in. Hard Deadlines prior to a shipment for doing so are communicated multiple times via email. Those dates are approx. 2 weeks prior to a shipment. We also send out save the date notices from time to time in newsletters. Members are advised to Stay current with all shipping address, credit card information etc  adn can do so by logging into their account via the website. Members are also welcome to contact Jamie Slone Wines directly at via email at 805-560-6555. Locals club members window for making a choice each month is the 5th to 15th.

When will my card get charged for my club shipments?
We charge your card approx. 7- 10 days prior to a club shipment. Generally, we will charge within the first week of the shipment months in April and October. We email you an invoice of this charge for your records. Locals Club members will have Credit Cards charged by the 20th each month.

If I reside in California, may I opt to be a pick up member?
Yes, we do allow local members to pick up their club shipment at our tasting room located in Santa Barbara. We allow 45 days from when you have been charged for your club shipment for pick up. If pick up time exceeds 45 days we will ship your wine to you and charge your card on file for any shipping expenses. You may also have a friend or family member per your permission to pick up your club shipment for you on your behalf. We just ask to be given a call or email so we may note your account. Locals CLub members have 45 days to pick up wine or it may be shipped to member.

How soon will I receive my club shipment if it is to be shipped?
Wine club shipments sent via Ground typically arrive on east coast by Friday same week when shipped on previous Monday however we at Jamie Slone Wines are not the shipping company and can't control what happens with the carriers.  For Temp Control Shipping it may take 5-9 days to arrive.  We email you a tracking number to the email on file to track your package. Note: club shipments are subject to a hold due to any weather issues but final decision is the members and notice to hold must be sent in writing prior to any deadlines previously communicated via email and website postings.

What address do I use for my club shipment?
We Highly Encourage business addresses or FEDEX pick up locations as the best shipping address. We can still ship to home addresses, but someone over the age of 21 must be present to sign for the wine club shipment. If you can't easily receive the wine in a timely manner, simply enter tracking number, select Manage Delivery and have wine HELD at a location near you.  Wine Pros in the Know... swear by the process.

What happens if my wine club shipment gets sent back to the winery?
FEDEX will make 3 delivery attempts, but if not signed for, the wine club shipment will be sent back to the winery and member will be charged 80% of the original shipping charge for the Return to Shipping facility and also pay full price to reship the wine back to club member again. It's expensive so please do what is needed to receive your shipment.  Both of these charges are Pass Through costs.  Carriers don't return wine to winery for free and to ship wine again the same holds true. Thank you for your understanding.

Can I request to be a UPS ship instead of FEDEX?
Unfortunately NO as we are too small to handle those details and there is currently no automatic way to do that with our fulfillment house. 

What if I end up with a corked or damaged bottle(s) of wine in my club shipment?
We now use DIAM corks so it likely the wine is not corked and it's Heat Exposure that has damaged the wine. Please refer to our Returns, Cancellations and Shipping page.

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